Christmas in Burkina Faso


In Burkina-Faso they celebrate Christmas much like we do in America. They have their own celebrations and traditions. And like in America there is a high expectation to deliver presents to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many families do not have the money to buy gifts and the children feel left out of the excitement of the season. It is very hard for a child when the whole world is getting and giving gifts and they are not able to. KII wants to make sure that all the families we work with are able to celebrate and not feel left out. Many who sponsor children sent extra gifts and money so that the children had something to open at our Christmas celebration. And we at KII sent extra money to be able to provide a meal for everyone that came to our celebration and even had an extra treat for the children. Each child received popcorn and a can of pop, which is a rare treat. We are working to put smiles on all their faces and make sure they went home with full bellies. It may not seem much to Americans, but that was an extravagance that they so rarely see. God calls us to give him our best, and to give our fellow neighbors a helping hand even if they are around the world from us. We would like to say a special thanks to our donors who gave a little extra this Christmas and thank God for giving us the ability to bestow a little extravagance on the children of Burkina-Faso.