News From Western Africa


War has broken out in Mali, a country bordering Burkina-Faso on the northeast side. Islamist terrorists have taken over much of the country including the capital Gao. French military are helping the local military to seize control and are making progress. Just this week the French and local military were able to gain back control of Gao. The United States is not able to directly help the fight due to political reasons but they are helping by aiding the French military by aiding in transportation and refueling their plans. Because Mali boarders Burkina-Faso, this conflict can and does have a major effect of Burkina-Faso and its citizens. We want to make sure all our supports in America know of the struggle they are having and ask everyone to pray and keep the people of Burkina-Faso in their hearts as the French and American governments help to diffuse the situation.