Micro Finance Initiative

In the complex world we are living in, it can be difficult to know what direction to take to know what Investment company is trust worthy and who has the best answer to tackle the global health and international development. With your partnership, we have been able to plot a strategic path forward to define goals and develop result-oriented solutions. Take a look at this story below from a participant of our micro-finance initiative.

Bibata is the mother of Hamza O. Hamza is sponsored in school by Kingdom Investment. Bibata is one of the 17 women who benefited from the Micro finance initiative.

She lost one of her children and she is presently a widow and a mother of two. Life has not been easy for her and taking care of her two children has even been hard until the burden of seeing Hamza through school was taken off her through the sponsorship program of Kingdom Investment.

“The micro finance project was a relief to her and other women like her” she stated. With the money she received, Bibata bought beans which she now cooks and sell in a trolley. She said “this activity though small has helped in so many different ways.”  She is able to feed her children with what she cooks and still manages to make a small profit so as to meet her personal needs like soap to bath with, toothpaste, pomade and some other things which she had lacked before now. Being a widow is very hard as no one cares about you and you are left all on your own. But with this activity “I have started, I can raise my head in the community and maintain my dignity. This activity keeps me occupied and takes my mind off the negative things of life. I am a happier person, and so are my children. Thank you Kingdom Investment International and all who have contributed to making life better for us. God bless you.” she continued.

Through our micro-finance initiative, many have been empowered as they are now pursuing their dreams. Currently, 3 of 17 participants have already re-paid their loans in full before their payment deadline. The rest are on track to doing so well before the given deadline. 79 percent of the total loan has been collected.



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