Micro-Finance Provides Advancements in Gender Equality

Kingdom Investment International’s Micro-Financing Program is designed to empower individuals, raising the spirit of entrepreneurship in Burkino Faso so that recipients can pursue their God-given potential to support themselves and strengthen their communities.

Forty-six small businesses have recently benefited from micro-finance loans. Of those 46 individuals, 44 were women. In Burkino Faso, the culture does not allow women to contribute to economic development, but suppresses them to be amongst the poorest of its citizens. Through Kingdom Investment International, these women are taught to wisely manage money and to understand the principles of operating a God-honoring business. After training, they will receive loans to grow their small businesses and provide needed income for their families.

With the help of Kingdom Investment International, women are beginning to break free from the negative traditions prevalent in Burkino Faso. Kingdom Investment International has been able to provided needed loans and training to these 46 business people, and we are evaluating 28 additional applicants. After completing their training, these 28 individuals will be given the loans needed to grow their businesses, support their families, and benefit their villages.