Why Education Matters

A recent Clinton Foundation report states:

"The kidnapping of 300 girls in Nigeria has shocked the world. These girls were targeted and kidnapped because they sought an education. In the United States, this is unfathomable where girls are encouraged and expected to receive an education. But in most of the world, 61% of girls are illiterate.

"In Places like Sub-Saharan Africa 40% (37.4 million, globally) of the girls are not enrolled in any secondary education. Instead they are faced with marriage at an early age. After marriage there is no time for education squelching any dreams of advancement, financial independence, or contributing to a growing economy."

Through your partnership, Kingdom Investment International provides opportunity for girls and women in Burkino Faso to escape such tragedy. With emphasis on education, child sponsorship and business development through micro-financing we are redefining gender-role equity while creating dignity and value for women.