Weaving Grace Ministry provides the structure necessary to help widows on various levels. Enrolling in our program, we provide widows the baseline business skills necessary—no matter what venture or trade they step into—while creating safe and loving community for these women. They will be placed in a group with other women within the Weaving Grace community, forming a support system.

It is our goal to provide individualized attention and aim to meet the needs of women on a holistic basis. We do this in the context of providing the very practical tools necessary for them to advance economically, as we instill pride, dignity, emotional healing, and well-being, and a world of hope.

God in His dwelling is a father of the fatherless, and a champion of widows.
— Psalm 68:5
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Success Story: Beatrice Ouedraogo

Beatrice lost her husband in 2006. After his death, she was completely paralyzed—economically, spiritually, and emotionally—not only by grief, but also with the daily burdens of caring for her five children. For months, Beatrice struggled to provide basic necessities for her children, doing any work she could find, including laundry service for her neighbors. But even after 14-hour days, that barely provided enough money to feed her and her children. She dreamed of the day when she could start her own business so she could provide adequately for her family. "Being a widow is very hard as no one cares about you and you are left all on your own," says Beatrice.
With a business loan of $200 from Kingdom Investment International, Beatrice realized her dream of starting a shea butter soap-making business. With the profit generated from this business, she has been able to meet her family's needs, such as food, clothing, and school fees. Beatrice states: "With the business I have been able to start, I can raise my head in the community and maintain my dignity."